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+301-992-4076 info@tip-assessment.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions.

How is the TIP Assessment® different from a Voice of the Customer (VOC) interview?

The TIP Assessment is a performance improvement process providing extensive, actionable output and identification of critical requirements for all participants involved in a common mission. While VOC builds a stable foundation, it relies on collecting customer needs as a market research technique, is often one-sided, and may be limited from an enterprise perspective. The TIP Assessment complements and balances these inefficiencies.

How does the TIP Assessment® differ from a survey?

Surveys have a 15% return rate on average, whereas the TIP Assessment garners greater than a 90% success rate in client participation. Additionally, the TIP Assessment provides both qualitative and quantitative results via TIP Analytics™ and is backed by validated, detailed feedback.

How long does it take to conduct and complete a TIP Assessment®?

Generally speaking, TIP Assessments take four to five weeks, depending on scope and complexity.

When and how do I schedule a TIP Assessment®?

For maximum effectiveness, assessments are generally scheduled six to nine months in advance of a critical juncture. To get started, contact info@tip-assessment.com or call +1.301.992.4076 for information and availability.

Does it matter if the TIP Assessor is familiar with my work environment or industry?

The process has been used successfully across a myriad of client environments. The process and results are effective regardless if the TIP Assessor is intimately familiar with the work environment or not since the detailed process includes an embedded methodology to uncover challenges irrespective of environment. TIP Assessors are skilled, former executives with a minimum of 20 years’ business experience.

What is the value of doing multiple TIP Assessments®?

The proprietary TIP Analytics™ software enables extraction of trended data from an extensive database. Clients with multiple assessments can obtain trended data enabling improved performance both within the company and in the customer space.

I need a subject matter expert on improving business relationships and performance to participate on a panel and/or as a speaker at an event. How do I get the process started?

Just contact us at info@tip-assessment.com or call +1.301.992.4076 and let us know the topic of the presentation or event, and a general idea of the insight you’d like discussed.