• Transitions. It Is What We Do.

      COVID-19 has changed the tolerance for remote work. Uncover the challenges and opportunities this transition presents for your team, and your customer.

    • Delighting Customers

      Assessing organizational needs internally and externally with the goal of understanding how to truly delight customers.

    • Digging Deeper

      Asking clients and providers the questions that matter most in a 360° approach.

    • Garnering Long-Term Results

      Proactively addressing the issues that matter most to help achieve mission objectives.

TIP Assessment®: Gain customer intimacy through a unique, patented 360° VOC

Are you or individuals on your team responsible for ensuring that business relationships are not only healthy, but thriving? Do you have an early warning detection system in place? Do you have clarity, focus and insight into what your clients really want and need to be successful? Or are you occasionally blind-sided by “out-of-left-field” comments? Voice of the Customer (VOC) is just the start to identifying the real issues. Couple VOC with the patented TIP process, along with 1:1 interviews ranging from front-line personnel to the executive level on the client and provider side, and you have the TIP Assessment®.