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Customer-Client Fusion

Bonding Through Basics®

Industry Benefits

Keeping your customer – and especially keeping them delighted – takes more than hope. It takes an early warning system. Proactively understand the important issues that keep the relationship healthy, if not thriving. 

Government Benefits

Your contractor or government service provider wants the best possible relationship with you, and is proactively investing in the relationship’s well-being to ensure thorough goal alignment to help you attain mission objectives. 

Relationships Matter

Although today’s news is about “big data,” relationships are too important to automate via impersonal survey. That’s why the personal touch is applied to both quantitative and qualitative data. The result: structured, actionable measures. 

Better than VOC

Voice of the Customer (VOC) is just the start to identifying the real issues. Couple VOC with a proven process along with 1:1 interviews ranging from front-line personnel to the executive level on the client and provider side, you have the TIP Assessment®.

Proven Process
TIP Assessment®
  • Overlays employee and customer sentiment
  • Validates vital areas for process improvement
  • Identifies potential blind spots
  • Identifies relationship development opportunities
  • Provides feedback from multiple perspectives