OLD – Results-Oriented Consulting

Positive Customer ExperienceTransitions in Progress (TIP) assesses organizational needs internally and externally with the goal of understanding how to truly delight customers. This process not only validates existing thoughts, but also provides new and critical insights. The TIP Assessment® layers a Voice-of-the-Customer approach with a proven process, along with 1:1 interviews ranging from front-line personnel to the executive level on the client and provider side. Both qualitative and quantitative responses are analyzed via TIP Analytics™, a portal-style proprietary application enabling a true 360° understanding of the environment.

The TIP Assessment® Process:

  • Overlays employee and customer sentiment
  • Validates vital areas for process improvement
  • Identifies potential blind spots
  • Identifies relationship development opportunities
  • Provides feedback from multiple perspectives

The Process and Outcome You Can Expect from TIP

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  • Process is meticulously managed from a project management perspective, ensuring that:
    • communication is two-way
    • goals are collaborative
    • milestones are plotted
    • schedule is articulated
    • budget is established and approved
  • Five customer assessment areas are analyzed and coupled with strategic components of a multi-faceted customer feedback system that help deliver mutually beneficial results
  • Actionable results are packaged, and personally and professionally delivered