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Don’t Suffer in Silence


Stop! Read this! Do not suffer in silence!

I was 50 years old, a successful Naval Officer, in industry for 10 years and I could not get industry to talk to government …at least not about the hard stuff. I couldn’t get government to do the same. It was killing me after my experience in an environment where the mission takes precedence. I know I cannot be alone with this sentiment!

Have you ever been on a contract where it was nearly impossible to get the job done?  Was it due to industry or government inaction? Fear of the Contracting Officer? Fear of repercussions?   Are you frustrated?  Do you wish you could do something about it?

We do too, and we are…with your input!  Let loose, let us know. Vent. We will ensure stories are politely consumable.   Simply stated, we at TIP are looking for challenges you have faced in industry or government when executing government contracts valued at more than $30M. If you have a compelling example, take 3 minutes to share it with us HERE!

We will gladly collect your input and are happy to provide credits if desired in the final version expected for release in 2018.  Proposed title? We are Better Than This! A collection of short stories you can relate to and most importantly, our trended analysis and summary of lessons learned.

Note: No company names or Government Agency names will be used.  Top compelling stories will be shared monthly via blog and entered into a drawing for a free Rapid Review TIP Assessment® valued at 25K.

Take a look at some real-life experiences we have encountered to get you salivating!

  • Company A had a billion-dollar contract. The government required funneling all industry team information via one government POC. Surprise! Enormous backlog in communications and deliverables ensued.
  • Agency X had an immediate operational requirement. Contract did not authorize 24×7 access or performance. Industry was unable to legally support and tried to work around. Mission was impacted, nerves were rattled, industry-government relationships were shattered.
  • Industry PM was ineffective. Government lacked executive industry relationship. Challenge areas ended up being briefed up the government chain impacting company reputation and potentially future work.
  • Junior contracting officer was stifling industry concerns impacting performance and timeliness of mission critical information. Senior contracting staff delegated work to lowest level due to government staff reductions. Work suffered, incumbent contractor blamed, excessive management involvement needed to resolve.