Results-Oriented Consulting

Voice Of Customer + proven process + 1:1 interviews + analysis = TIP Assessment®

Positive Customer ExperienceMany organizations have heard of “Voice of the Customer” (VOC), but that process is just the start to identifying the real issues between organizations. Couple VOC with a proven process along with 1:1 interviews ranging from front-line personnel to the executive level on the client and provider side, as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis, and you have the TIP Assessment®.

The TIP Assessment® Process:

  • Overlays employee and customer sentiment
  • Validates vital areas for process improvement
  • Identifies potential blind spots
  • Identifies relationship development opportunities
  • Provides feedback from multiple perspectives

Key, Significant Benefits

  • Protect millions, if not billions, of dollars – and even grow the business – by helping to ensure that relationships are not only healthy, but thriving
  • Enact an early warning detection system to avoid unexpected costs and inefficiencies, miscommunication, and strains on the relationship … or worse, termination of the relationship
  • Gain a true 360° understanding of the situation by analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data via TIP Analytics™ on a multi-level, multi-organization 1:1 perspective, resulting in clarity, focus and new insights into what your clients really want and need to be successful

Why Transitions in Progress is Extraordinary

  • Developed and invested in a proven process – the TIP Assessment® including TIP Analytics™ – that provides actionable feedback for both the client and service provider
  • Logged nearly 1,000 hours of interview time resulting in approximately 20,000 questions answered across various organizations within industry and government
  • Touts significant experience with noteworthy (repeat) customers and clients
  • Provides project management skills second to none
  • Delivers actionable, mutually beneficial results

The Value Received from a Third-Party Engagement

  • Share your genuine interest with your client that strong relationships matter to you
  • Tangibly show your willingness to invest in time, human and financial resources
  • Demonstrate your willingness to be accountable for mutual success
  • Provide transparency, void of individual, program or organizational biases or objectives
  • Legitimize concerns that may have been dismissed due to organizational structure
  • Provide an emotionally safe haven for free expression
  • Shed new light on known concerns

The Process and Outcome You Can Expect from TIP

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  • Process is meticulously managed from a project management perspective, ensuring that:
    • communication is two-way
    • goals are collaborative
    • milestones are plotted
    • schedule is articulated
    • budget is established and approved
  • Five customer assessment areas are analyzed and coupled with strategic components of a multi-faceted customer feedback system that help deliver mutually beneficial results
  • Actionable results are packaged, and personally and professionally delivered

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